Sunday, July 17, 2011

things to work on, GRE-wise

Math problems I fear:

1. rate problems, especially of the "adding different rates" variety
2. calculating the areas of regular polygons
3. working with probability
4. permutations and combinations

On the practice GRE I took last night, I encountered problem types (2) and (4), and managed to get the answers right through sheer guesswork. But lucky guesswork won't be good enough on the actual test. The madness needs a method.

Today, I'll be finishing up the "old" ETS book and starting the Kaplan series. Part of me thinks it's ironic that I'm using Kaplan materials in order to score high enough to work for Kaplan's newest competitor (Manhattan GRE is only a couple years old). I have high hopes that the Kaplan books will prove useful: they're highly rated on Amazon, and besides-- ka'pla is Klingon for "success."


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