Sunday, July 03, 2011

this makes eminent sense

Author Tom Robbins, as quoted in an old Salon article:

One reviewer said I need to make up my mind if I want to be funny or serious. My response is that I will make up my mind when God does, because life is a commingling of the sacred and the profane, good and evil. To try and separate them is fallacy.

That makes eminent sense to me. And I appreciate the Eliade reference. Spirit and spoo. Piety and piss. Crucifix and crap. Faith and fuckholes. Somewhere in East Asia, a monk is ringing a large bell in a mountain temple. At that very same moment somewhere else in the world, a cat is slashing a man's scrotum to bloody ribbons for no reason other than the pleasure it derives from the man's high-pitched screaming. Both events-- the bell-ringing and the scrote-ripping-- are Tao, manifestations of Buddha-nature, divine immanence, mere physics.