Thursday, July 28, 2011

ce samedi: au travail!

I had put in a request to work Saturdays at YB Near (you may recall that I no longer work at YB Far, which definitely saves me on gas, time, and stress) as a way to boost income; the office initially replied by saying they could give me only a single Saturday-- this coming Saturday. I was happy to hear that I'd have any extra work, but a string of Saturdays would have made all this extra planning for private tutoring unnecessary. Later on, the office told me that they could indeed give me more Saturdays... but only at four hours a day. By the time they told me this (just two days ago), I had already shifted over into private-tutoring mode, and I also knew that a string of half-days would do little to help my budget.

So I'm working a full, eight-hour day this coming Saturday, and after that I'm on my own. It'll be strange to be at YB on the weekend; the last time I worked a Saturday was in March, at the very beginning of my YB career.


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