Saturday, July 16, 2011


Over the past week, my GRE practice scores have been:

GR 90-16: 730 Verbal, 670 Quant = 1400

GR 91-17: 760 Verbal, 650 Quant = 1410 (750 Quant with 5 minutes' overtime)

GR 91-18: 750 Verbal, 750 Quant = 1500

GR 91-19: 720 Verbal, 720 Quant = 1440

GR 92-1: 740 Verbal, 730 Quant = 1470

Do you see a trend anywhere in there? I see that the latter three composite scores are better than the first two, but within those three scores, there's plenty of wobbling and bobbling going on. Thus far, I've broken (or should I say "reached"?) 1500 only once, and I need to get as close to 1600 (or 340, I suppose, per the new, revised scoring system) as I can.

I'll be taking one more test out of the "old" GRE book tomorrow (it's the only one in the ETS manual that comes with answer explanations), and then I switch entirely over to dealing with the new GRE. My exam will be on August 26, at 7-fucking-30 in the A.M., so I have to be on site at 7AM to check in. If I manage to score over 1500 (or the new scoring system's equivalent), but don't succeed at making a stratospheric score, I'm planning to put out my own test-prep shingle and tutor privately. My scores are already in a high range (750 Verbal is 99th percentile), so I think I'd be a legitimate tutor for the Lumpenproletariat who are stuck in the 1100s-1300s range. (Oh, the noxious ass-fumes of elitism!)


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