Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a Marissa Parks update

As you may recall, Marissa Parks was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the same brain cancer that took my mother in January of 2010. I had been worried about the lack of tweets and blog updates in recent weeks-- Marissa had been doing her own updating for most of the time she's been dealing with her cancer. This latest update, on Marissa's blog A Day in the Life, is by her cousin* Megan. The entry is short on medical detail (as Megan herself notes: she's speaking as a loving relative, not offering a detached clinical assessment) but offers a theological perspective, for those inclined to approach illness in that light.

Marissa's apparently going in soon for her fourth surgery. Please keep her in your thoughts. Whatever your religious perspective, I think we can all agree there's no harm in thinking positively.

*UPDATE, 2/2/12, 1:41AM: I had originally referred to Megan as Marissa's friend, but after a long conservation with Marissa's dad, I found out that Megan is her cousin.

UPDATE, 3/12/12, 3:10PM: Marissa has passed away. See my post at my other blog, here.


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