Tuesday, January 03, 2012

the nun's second blog

Seon Joon sunim has a second blog, titled Thus (Yeosi): check it out.

I'm not sure (and I really should know better), but the Chinese characters in her blog's title ("yeo-shi" is their Korean pronunciation) call to mind the Buddhist notion of suchness (tathata), while the Spanish subtitle comes from San Juan de la Cruz (St. John of the Cross), the Catholic mystic who is perhaps best-known for the concept of "the dark night of the soul." "Oh, who can heal me?" the subtitle says. Taken together, the blog's title and subtitle say something about Seon Joon sunim's spirituality.


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Seon Joon said...

Nice to know there's someone actually reading! And nice catch on Fray Juan--it's from the "Spiritual Canticle." Yeo-si not only calls up the concept of suchness, but also the name of the Buddha (Tathagata, thus come or thus gone one) and the sutras: yeo-si translates the "evam" that is the first word of the traditional formula opening all valid sutras, "Thus have I heard." I liked the ambiguity of the term, how it opens up more horizons than closes horizons down.

(This is my second attempt to submit a comment; I hope there's not an overlap.)