Sunday, January 29, 2012

what's ahead for this weekend?

(NB: This is a scheduled post.)

Stuff to do this weekend once I'm home from work:

1. send off an email requesting information about another set of proofreading jobs

2. make spaghetti sauce-- enough to last two weeks (store in serving-sized bags)

3. pay my electric bill (this means dropping off the check in the payment slot of the town financial office)

4. do my taxes (I finally got both of my W-2s)

5. send pictures of my mother and aunt to my cousin, who's putting together a retrospective photo album for his mom

6. do laundry

7. make and attempt to sell some artwork

Regarding taxes: I've found that the best and easiest way to file is to use the H&R Block website, which I've relied on since 1999. Register, follow the easy, step-by-step instructions, and file your federal return for free. Your state return will probably cost you about $15 to file, unless the price has gone up.

None of this Turbo Tax bullshit for me. Why pay through the nose for a program that can be used only once? H&R Block's site is constantly updated, absurdly easy to use, very convenient, and provides quick service. Mail in your paper documents, and your refund checks (if you're expecting refunds, as I am) will arrive in just a couple weeks-- well before the April 15 deadline, in fact. I'm expecting mine to arrive before the end of February.


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