Wednesday, January 04, 2012

when ddeokbokgi just isn't enough

Rabokgi! Yes, ladies: ramyeon plus ddeokbokgi!



Elisson said...

That do look awfully tasty.

Kevin Kim said...

It's a pretty common el-cheapo fast food in Korea. I'm using the wrong ddeok, though: for proper ddeokbokgi, you're supposed to use the cigar-shaped rice cakes. I always joke that they look like human fingers when they bloat up from the cooking process.

I'm also using the wrong fish cakes: the ones normally found in ddeokbokgi start off as large, flat sheets-- about the size of copier paper or a little smaller-- that get cut into strips and triangles. A good example of those fish cakes can be seen here.

hahnak said...

wrong fishcakes, wrong ddeok, whatever. this is deliciously presented and deliciously photographed! i am just not a fan of rabokki but this just looks soooo good!

Kevin Kim said...


I was wondering what would happen if I took the rabokgi in a Cajun direction-- garlicky shrimp and some sort of gochujang-friendly sausage (I don't think andouille would go well with ddeokbokgi sauce) instead of fish cake.