Thursday, January 12, 2012

"such a waste"

Interesting conversation with my supervisor last night. She told me she's doing her best to try and find me more things to do-- extra teaching hours at other centers, text materials design, etc.-- but there's nothing yet. January is slow. We talked a bit about the future, and she remarked that my presence at YB was "such a waste." She was trying to be charitable; I think she sees me as over-qualified for the job I'm doing, and thinks I should be getting a Ph.D. and lecturing at a university.

While I appreciated her sentiment, I bristled at it, too: I'm coming off a bad time in my life and getting back on my feet. Working at YB has been a way of reinserting myself into the human stream. It's a little early to be judging whether I'm wasting my life.



hahnak said...

poorly chosen words. i assume she meant the best. carry on, kevin!

Anonymous said...

I hope she was trying to be encouraging, albeit awkwardly, and meant no harm.

Keep up the good fight, Kevin!