Tuesday, January 31, 2012

unkept promise

I know, I know... I had promised a post on panentheism, but never got to it. Instead, I devoted my time to doing all the items on my to-do list, and am proud to say I've gotten all but one item done. Am about to work on that last item-- my tax forms-- right now.

Looking forward to a damn refund from both state and federal.

UPDATE: Goddammit! I earn so little money, and I'm going to owe nearly $300 for federal income tax. That is bullshit. On top of all my other troubles, eh? Christ. At least I'm getting an $84 refund from Virginia. That'll offset the Fed.



Maven said...

I'm eager to read it. Interestingly enough, my husband considers himself polytheistic when it comes to his Hinduism; whereas if I were to convert (if such a thing exists in that religion), I'd be a pantheistic Hindu. Yet, in the meantime, I'll just hang out and be an unaffiliated-whatever-I-am, a theological free agent (or free radical as it were).

Anonymous said...

Last year, I did my son's taxes, and he makes relatively little. I calculated he owed $400+. He paid it, and a couple of months later got a refund for more than he paid. I think there is a bug in the instructions for 1040EZ and 1040A on the low income end.