Tuesday, May 29, 2012

at the TEF blog

The answer to last week's MGRE Math Beast Challenge. It was strange to see that MGRE didn't take Charles's approach, what with all their preaching about how much faster it is to use plug-and-chug in certain situations.



Charles said...

Strange indeed. Maybe something to mention to them?

(OK, the captchas are really starting to freak me out--this one says "sorry judyner." Who is Judy Ner and why is the captcha sorry? Is poor Judy being held in a basement somewhere, bound and gagged?!)

Kevin Kim said...

I tried to leave a comment on the MGRE blog (which also shows the problem in question), but no dice: when I tried to post the comment, the blog spat back an error notice, saying I needed to enter an email address. The problem is that there's no email address field in the blog's comments window.

What to do? I tried to enter the same comment via a different browser, but the same thing happened.

I suspect this is a problem on MGRE's end. Their web designer needs to wake up.