Sunday, May 13, 2012

rise, raise, whatever

In the UK, it's called a pay rise. Here in the States, it's a pay raise.* Whatever... I just got one from YB. It's only a 7% raise, but that's better than nothing, especially given my dwindling weekly schedule. YB is acknowledging that I've worked there for a little over a year, and since I never brought up the prospect of a raise (mainly because I never saw myself remaining at YB long-term, and I still don't), I suppose the Powers That Be decided to act on their own initiative. That, or maybe raises are simply scheduled to occur on a yearly basis.

At 7%, this is more like a COLA (cost-of-living adjustment) than a real raise, but as I said, that's better than nothing. Luckily, YB is also offering other work-- specifically, proofing/editing their new material-- and I might end up doing more of that.

*Other US-versus-UK quirks:

drunk driving (US) vs. drink driving (UK)
frying pan (US) vs. fry pan (UK)

The first time I heard "fry pan," it was when a Korean student uttered the phrase. I was convinced it was Konglish until I did a bit of digging around and discovered that several tens of millions of native English-speakers actually use that expression. Live and learn.



John said...

Fry Pan is also a pretty good chicken franchise here in Korea.

Unknown said...

Thanks! It's really helpful for me ;)