Monday, May 21, 2012


As part of my application for the Sungkyunkwan University job, I had to get new passport photos taken. CVS will do a pair of photos for ten dollars, so I got my pics done at the CVS across the street from where I work. I didn't look at the pictures until I had gotten back into my car.

Damn. I guess I must look like a drunkard these days.



Charles said...

Wait, when have you not looked like a drunkard?

Kevin Kim said...

True. Having both Oyrish and Korean blood means looking drunk all the damn time.

John said...

I am afraid to go to India at the end of the year because I am sure that my passport photo will single me out for an anal cavity search.

Kevin Kim said...

John!! How's the incipient winter in Enn-Zed?