Sunday, May 06, 2012

Cinco de Mayo links and updates

Charles writes about a play that sounds fascinating to me. I'm all about minimalist theater. The book on which the play is based sounds equally fascinating.

A friend starts a new blog.

In personal news: I've got two letters of recommendation that I'll be emailing as part of an employment application packet soon. Alas, I have to renew my passport and initiate the long procedure for the FBI background check. I'm worried that none of this will get done within a reasonable window, and I'm going to end up missing this golden employment opportunity to work at my buddy Tom's university. $45,000/year gross, up to four months of vacation per year (with potential to earn money during one's paid vacation time-- a second income on top of the first), decent weekly work hours, the opportunity to get creative with the curriculum... what's not to like?



John from Daejeon said...

Provide overnight delivery and return delivery for all of your documents and pay via credit card to the FBI to speed up the process--do not pay with a personal check as this slows the process way, way down. And walk the FBI background check into the State Dept. office for the Apostille (or have
this guy walk it in for you--he only charges $40 which is a great deal from Texas or overseas).

It took less than a month and a half from start to finish for me which included 2 weeks for my passport to be renewed. However, the South Korean consulate decided to take their sweet time in placing my Visa in my passport which I dropped off in person and picked up in person (5 working days). Hell, a few years ago, they did same day service in Houston.

Unknown said...

It's funny--I just filled out my passport application form as mine is about to expire as well.

I have a question for you. As a half-Korean, do you qualify for the F5 visa? If that is the case, and if you are not going to be teaching children, you may not need to do the FBI check.

That being said, there is talk of closing the loopholes and making the F4, F5, and anyone else teaching to get those checks.

I'm glad to hear that you may in fact be returning to Korea. I'd love to catch up.

Charles said...

You would have liked the play, I think. Getting to see it was one of those fortuitous moments in life that make you feel good about the universe, if only momentarily.