Monday, May 07, 2012

the body

One thing I know I have to do, especially if I do end up going back to Korea, is exercise-- hic et nunc. I've neglected my body for far too long, and I've been hovering at the same unhealthy weight-- 300 pounds-- for well over two years. During that time, I've begun to suspect that I've developed diabetes; I seem to be exhibiting some of the symptoms. At 42, I can no longer rely on a youthful metabolism and immune system to rescue me from my own indiscretions; if I don't get proactive, my joking prediction of not living beyond 60 will begin to look like a self-fulfilling prophecy.*

I also know that coming back to Korea means coming back to the land of jejune fat jokes, flimsy chairs, and all the other inconveniences that await the sweaty-and-portly in a fat-unfriendly culture. For my ego, then, as much as for my health, I need to get in shape in these coming months. I laid out a program a couple years ago; it's sitting in my files. Now, as has always been the case, it's just a matter of doing what needs to be done.

*Given what I know about the life expectancy of people on my mother's side of the family, though, I may not be able to escape genetics. I wish I had some Ashkenazi blood in me, so I could live to 100.



Aaron said...

Ever considered a primal diet/lifestyle?

Also, have a listen to this EconTalk interview with Gary Taubes:

Good luck!

John said...

Things are changing here. I commented to the girlfriend on the subway just the other day that I am amazed at how heavy set many high school kids (especially girls) are these days. She attributed it to a love of American junk food (i.e. McDonald's) amongst the young.

In other news, I've yet to meet anyone under 40 here who knows how to make kimchi. Could there be a connection? I have it on good authority that kimchi cures obesity (if I could only eat enough of it!).

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

"I wish I had some Ashkenazi blood in me."

Have you tried a transfusion?

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

Kevin Kim said...


Gonna have to be either that or vampirism.


I'll consider it now. Thanks for the heads-up.


Yeah, I remember seeing that phenomenon among girls even years ago. Maybe Korean guys like a little extra booty.