Wednesday, May 30, 2012

bad news

Because I hadn't heard anything since submitting my initial paperwork weeks ago, I emailed my buddy Tom last night about the hiring situation at SKKU. He replied that they had recently sent interview invites to six people, so if I hadn't received one by now, then I wouldn't be receiving one at all. At a guess, my chances were killed by two things: the passport issue, and the fact that I'm not available in Seoul for a face-to-face interview. My résumé certainly wasn't insufficient, and my recommendations were all excellent (thanks again).

On the bright side, I'll be getting a renewed passport out of all this, so if I decide to try this again later in the year, my papers will be in proper order.

Meanwhile, it's time to switch to Plan B.


1 comment:

Charles said...

Ah, bummer.

Good luck with Plan B.