Wednesday, July 18, 2012

another promise to keep

Along with the promised essay on several books I've read this summer, I need to write a defense of Chris Nolan's second Batman film, "The Dark Knight." Why? Because this blogger accuses Nolan of having concocted an illogical plot for that film. Phooey, say I-- "Knight" is perfectly logical.

More later.


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Charles said...

I'll be interested in reading your post. I just read the blog post you linked to, and I have to say that I both agree and disagree with his argument. I agree with the bigger picture--that Joker is a force of chaos--but I disagree in the details--I don't think some of the plot "problems" he points out are that illogical.

I should probably write a post on the Dark Knight, too, as the Joker is a very interesting expression of the trickster figure.