Monday, July 02, 2012

conservative blogger undercuts own cause


I saw the following and began to lose all hope: a blog post by one Steve Bartin of the blog Newsalert. Bartin writes and quotes:

Left-wing professor Eric Alterman explains why conservatives can't make it in journalism or academia:

To the extent that conservatives face any difficulty achieving a hearing for their views in journalism (or in academia, for that matter), the phenomenon is less the result of purposeful exclusion than a function of a commitment to maintaining professional standards. To be a good journalist or scholar, one must be willing to follow one’s research wherever it may lead.

The is the very same Eric Alterman that refers to conservatives as "fucking Nascar retards". Attention slow witted Republicans on Capital Hill: why subsidize Eric Alterman through Pell grants and student loans? How about a head tax on tenured professors? Isn't that a better way of financing some of higher education? Just a reminder, when you tax socialists : you'll get less of them.

Unfortunately, Bartin trips over his own dick. If his point is to refute the notion that conservatives are unprofessional idiots, he does no justice to his own cause by introducing at least six errors into his post.

1. "The is the very same Eric Alterman that..." should be "This is the very same Eric Alterman that..."

2. The phrasal adjective "slow-witted" should be hyphenated since it comes before the noun it modifies.

3. "Capital Hill" should be "Capitol Hill." Duh.

4. The period should be inside the quotation mark surrounding the phrase "fucking Nascar retards." This isn't England, friend. Tuck your periods in.

5. There should be no space between "socialists" and the colon.

6. The phrase "you'll get less of them" should be "you'll get fewer of them." Countable nouns take "fewer"; uncountables take "less."

It pains me when a person can't go two fucking lines without making some sort of gaffe-- especially when he's trying to rebut the notion that he's an idiot. Mistakes make you sound dumb-- period. If you disagree because you feel that editors and proofers are there to bail you out of the messes you make, read this.


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