Sunday, July 01, 2012

it's official comcast sucks balls

I'm writing this post by using my speaker function on my phone. yes once again I'm blogging by phone. I just wanted you to know that comcast slurps the scrotums of an entire leper colony. it doesn't help matters that the android interface does not work well with blogger's edit window. comcast basically gave me the run around all day yesterday. I tried to call them yesterday afternoon but I got a busy signal. then when I tried to call them around 3 am I would receive the computer voice that said that the wait would be over 10 minutes for a customer representative. that's bullshit.

if I were to personify comcast I would say that it's like trying to talk with a giant talking penis that only wanted to fuck you in the ass.



  1. I'm guilty of it too, but it's amazing how short our fuses are when it comes to not having what once was pure science fiction: electricity, air conditioning, HDTV, the Internet, etc., while billions around the world are just trying to get enough food and clean water to survive another day.

    Is there something truly "wrong" with us when poor airline, Internet, hotel, cell phone, and other lackluster services set "us" off so?

    Well, I guess it really will be a "Battle Royale" once one of America's enemies finally figures out how to knock out our electrical grid and Internet service. It will make 9/11 seem like absolutely nothing when we can't access our money, shop at Walmart, or watch sports or "American Idol" for more than a few days.

  2. Oh, yeah! I agree with you 100% on your assessment of Comcast/NBC.

    Now, if only a lot of people would boycott watching the Olympics, then they'd really hurt Comcast--in the pocket book!

  3. Actually, I've been quite cheerful these last few days, as I most definitely can't complain compared to the lives our ancestors lived 70,000+ years ago. In so many respects, we have it so good and easy, yet we sweat the really, really small stuff when we can't even begin to comprehend the suffering and hardships that they went through just to get a bite to eat and not get eaten in doing so every day of their hardscrabble existences without any of our wonderful 24/7 access to porn, drugs, and booze.

    By the way, here are a couple of articles that might help you understand Comcast's price-fixing con game a bit better. Once you understand the con, there are ways to win the game when pitting the players against each other, but you have to be able to "actually" go through with your threat if you are going to get any real satisfaction.

    I had a rough go-round with those very fools after Hurricane Ike knocked out my power for 15 days. Those fools tried to charge me for a full month's usage. Luckily, the threat of a class action lawsuit (there were millions of people without power in the Houston area--some for over a month in 90 - 100+ degree weather) helped sway them to do the right thing (Houston has/had a lot of lawyers who are/were Comcast customers at that time).

    Now, losing a day or two's usage when the power goes out doesn't even rankle me like it used to. The fact that I have this type of service is miraculous in its own way and being without for a short period, now and again, just makes me a bit more grateful for all the wonderful things in my life.



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