Tuesday, July 24, 2012

sublimely ridiculous

I missed "Jackass 3D," but I recently saw "Jackass 3.5" on YouTube. The most exquisite moment in that film was when Bam Margera was talking trash about how no one on the Jackass squad could properly double-kick him in the head. Dave Englund (frequently involved in rectal misadventures) took Bam up on the challenge and destroyed Bam's skull:

Beautiful. Both of Dave's feet connected and Bam went down. I had a good laugh. The Jackass films are all about Schadenfreude.


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John from Daejeon said...

I don't know if anyone has brought up this point, but it is pretty screwed up/ironic that these poor, unsuspecting souls may have never even been in that movie theater in the first place had gun violence not played a part in the actual birth of the "Batman" character as it is very doubtful that he would have become as big a part of the American mythos as he has had his parents not been killed as they were.

Sorry, if I come off as a bit callous, but I've been reading/watching all that has happened in the comics/television Batman Universe after Bane came and went (mid 1990's), and it struck me as to just how much that original gun violence made The Batman who he is and isn't, and who he will/won't become.

To me, and a lot of other "Justice League/Justice League Unlimited" fans, the biggest flaws in Nolan's films happen to be that most of us who really follow The Bat were hoping to see either Lois Lane or Diana as his love interests. Even though we are/were disappointed, maybe Marvel's successful mining of their source material will lead DC to do the same and bring the likes of The Question (and his girlfriend, Batman's daughter aka The Huntress) and Batman Beyond to the big screen.