Saturday, January 04, 2014

an already-bygone era

With the influx of new faculty, we professors are obliged to leave St. Thomas Aquinas Hall. In my case this means leaving Room 409, my team's office, to move into a building across campus with all the other "faculteams." We'll still be teaching most of our classes in Aquinas (this coming semester, I'll also be teaching two of my classes in two other buildings), which means we no longer have the luxury of simply walking out the office and down the hall, or down two flights of stairs. Starting next semester, we all have a minimum 7- to 8-minute walk ahead of us. This isn't a problem now, when the weather's nice and cold, but it's going to be a problem when the weather begins to warm up, and I once again start to sweat profusely. Korean spring is short; summer is four months long, and given how hot the Daegu region is, I wonder whether it might be more accurate to say that a Daegu summer is five months long. Cruel summer, indeed. So I'll be back to packing along an extra change of clothing in my trusty satchel: one set to walk and sweat in, another to wear in class.

Below are some shots of Room 409 as it was in its heyday. The room is empty now; everything's been cleared out. As you'll see, the space was divided into six work stations. Five of us guys worked there; the sixth station was reserved for our two laser printers. The final pictures show the motion alarm that I defeated the night I decided to impersonate Robert Redford in "Sneakers."

It should be easy to guess which work station is mine, as it's the only one whose privacy I've invaded in taking these photos. One typically Kevinish characteristic, as you'll see, is my tendency to post pictures, notes, and whatever garbage I feel I need to see on a routine basis.

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