Monday, January 20, 2014

Nathan writes in

My friend Nathan writes:

Hi Kevin,

I’ve noticed a few issues with Chrome in the last twenty-four hours or so. It won’t let me use the scroll bar and mouse to scroll in many situations, though it’s ok with scrolling using the arrow keys. I had the same invitation to kill your page as Charles did. So I killed it, but don’t feel bad, because you are in fact the Buddha.

As for the comments issue, I’m too lazy to try with Firefox, Pale Moon, Opera, or Internet Explorer, which are the other browsers installed on my laptop. Mostly this is because Blogger’s captcha phrases are just too difficult. I comment much less than I used to on Blogger blogs for this reason.

I’m just shocked at how unprofessional Google can be at times. There’s this scrolling issue with Google-designed Chrome, an invitation for the user to kill Google-owned Blogger pages, and the realization that my wife’s new Google-created Moto G phone needed a work-around--a third-party keyboard installation--for her to type in Korean! (Android added the language Khmer in a recent update, and there are many truly obscure languages with support, but there’s no native support for Korean, which is one of the world’s up-and-coming important languages. I wrote Motorola about this, and after receiving an auto-response indicating a follow-up within 24 hours, have yet to hear anything nearly a week later. They’re essentially not even trying to challenge the dominance of Samsung and LG in the Korean market.

Anyway, keep up the fantastic blogging, and hopefully Google will get with the program.

All the best,

I have trust issues with Chrome. It started off as a good browser, then after about a year, it began stalling and glitching. Firefox has proven to be the most reliable platform for me; it's been rock-solid for years.


Apparently it is a problem with the latest version of Chrome (32.whatever). It happens only in pop-up windows, and does have something to do with the scrollbar. I don't know exactly what, and I don't really care, either--just as long as the bastards fix it as soon as possible.

Seriously, Google, if you're going to push automatic updates on us and not gives us the option to turn them off, you'd better be damn sure stuff works before it goes "stable."

I have to agree with Nathan on Google's lack of professionalism at times. It's quite frustrating.


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