Monday, January 13, 2014

January: the last month in which I starve?

I've been chugging away on certain projects for which I'm to be paid. Payment won't be until next month, at the earliest, but the payment will be substantial enough that I won't have to live hand-to-mouth. This month looks to be the last time—hopefully ever—that I'll be in such financial straits that I can't afford to eat anything (pro tip to fellow fatties: the best diet is a limited budget!). As long-time readers know, I send home about 80% of my DCU salary to take care of massive revolving and personal debt there. I've finally paid down my debt to my brothers; last year, on my birthday, my buddy Mike forgave me my debt to him as a birthday present (which was mighty nice of him); I still have a few outstanding personal debts to two friends and two e-friends. Those will be paid off early this year, before mid-spring, or so I'm intending. Once all the personal debts are taken care of, I get to concentrate on the revolving debt. First target: OneMain Financial's $7000 doozy, of which I have around $5000-something to go. After that: my car, which I own thanks to a CapitalOne loan that I've been steadily paying off. (Why is my credit rating good? Because I steadily pay my debts.) That's about another $9000 to go before I truly own it. With those two debts gone, I'll have an extra $500 a month to play with. As Mom used to say: "Money makes money." It's just a matter of getting the financial ball rolling.

But tonight, on the 13th, I've got W9000 in my wallet, and almost nothing in my Korean and US bank accounts. This is how it usually goes at the end of a pay period. I could, in theory, use all my cash tonight, leaving me with nothing for tomorrow, the 14th. I don't get paid until the 15th. So: how to stretch W9000 over two days...?


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