Sunday, January 19, 2014

any other readers with this problem?

Charles writes:

I've been experiencing some weirdness with your comment form. When I hit "publish" everything just stops and it sits there for a while until Chrome finally gives me a "This page has become unresponsive" error. Then it asks me if I want to kill the pages or wait. So violent! Anyway, after clicking about a half dozen times, it eventually decides to go through. So I'm just curious if you're getting a half dozen comments from me, or just one--and if anyone else has mentioned any weirdness.

Several of you have written in, for various reasons, to express deep dissatisfaction with the way Blogger handles your attempts at commenting on this blog. On behalf of Blogger, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Among the complainants, several have found a workaround, e.g., emailing comments in to me directly or using the "anonymous" option but leaving a signature inside the comment text field. (I don't publish anonymous comments, so please sign your statements.) All I can do is encourage my readers to continue to find their own solutions to the comment-thread problem. Until Blogger makes key improvements, this is the world we live in. My only other choice would be to move this blog to something like a WordPress site, but WP is best when you pick the paid option, and in my current financial state, I'm not prepared to add another straw to this camel's back.



John said...

I've noticed that my witty, thoughtful, and/or humorous comments never work. All the other ones go through though.

Kevin Kim said...

I'll have to adjust the filter.