Tuesday, February 11, 2014

a few links

From my brother:

BIOFUELS! Converting algae to oil in an hour.

BOOM! Jihadi instructor accidentally blows himself up, along with 20 aspiring martyrs. The Good Lord hates a useless death.

From elsewhere:

CRACK! Malcolm's son Nick has a new baseball-themed website: Pitcher GIFs.

AWWW... the story of Orlando, the heroic seeing-eye dog. And the follow-up.

DAMN! Holden Beck still in hospital; he's been through three surgeries now.

POESY! Jeff Hodges continues the discussion of Frost's illogical poem over at his blog.




John from Daejeon said...

Did my eyes deceive me, or did you remove the Colorado pot story featuring Jesse Pinkman of "Breaking Bad" fame?

Kevin Kim said...

Eh wot? I didn't put it up to begin with. What have you been smoking, sir?

John from Daejeon said...

If you have a little free time, you might want to watch the interesting religious-themed documentary, "Questioning Darwin."

Now, if you really want to have your jaw drop and hit the floor, take a gander at a few short videos like this one at the Creation Museum website. I was flabbergasted that St. George actually fought a dinosaur and not a dragon after all. And after wading through all that nonsensical fiction, I find myself even more repulsed by these cults than ever before.