Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Charles gets a move on

Congratulations to my buddy, Dr. Charles La Shure, who will be moving up in the world. He was already a well-liked translation prof who taught grad students at the prestigious HUFS (Hanguk* University of Foreign Studies); now, he's experienced a promotion of sorts, and has joined the faculty of South Korea's top college, the Harvard of this peninsula, Seoul National University. At SNU, Charles will be teaching Korean Studies. He's been a professional translator for years—since well before he received his doctorate—so I doubt that the change in pedagogical focus will deprive him of further opportunities to translate something.

Congratulations, Charles, on moving south of the river. May your future be a bright one.

*Hanguk is often misleadingly romanized as Hankuk, which of course leads to mispronunciations. HUFS romanizes its own name as "Hankuk University of Foreign Studies." Personally, I can't bear to write "Hankuk." It's like shooting Old Yeller.


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Charles said...

Thanks, dude. Comment belated due to not having internet for two days after the move.

And yes, I will continue to translate here at SNU. In fact, that was one of my selling points.