Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (HPMOR) is the fanfic (fan fiction) website to which I was led after seeing a link to an interview with JK Rowling, in which Rowling admitted that bookish, talented, and ambitious Hermione Granger should have ended up with Harry Potter and not Ron Weasley. I felt that way myself while reading the series: Hermione and Harry seemed such a perfect match, but at every turn, Rowling tweaked the plot such that Hermione was placed on a romantic collision course with Ron. Perhaps, if Rowling decides to reenter the Potterverse to continue the story in a more adult-themed manner, she might focus on issues of sexual tension and possible infidelity. While Ginny Weasley isn't a bad match for Harry, she's easily outclassed by Hermione. And, hey: a deux ex machina plot twist (Tolkien's Eagles?) might kill off Ron and Ginny, leaving Hermione and Harry to commiserate, bond through survivor's guilt, and eventually find the true lurve they were always meant to enjoy.

I was brought to HPMOR by a website that excerpted a passage from Chapter 7, in which Harry meets Ron Weasley and rapidly dismisses him as an irrational, over-emotional dimwit. Harry instead becomes cautious friends with the more cool-headed Draco Malfoy. HPMOR apparently depicts an alternate Harry who, far from having been maltreated by his aunt and uncle, has grown up rather well cared-for: Harry's uncle is a professor who prizes rationality and has schooled Harry to think skeptically, logically, and empirically—in other words, scientifically. This will put Harry—who in this story is still the magically powerful Boy Who Lived—in conflict with the entirety of the logic-defying Wizarding world.

I look forward to reading a few chapters.


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