Monday, February 03, 2014

not a masterpiece

Today's brunch:

Chicken spam for W1000 (about 91 cents) per 200-gram tin, eggs (about 30 medium eggs for W5500), and pancakes brought to you by the Ottogi brand. I've noticed that, unlike Bisquick, Ottogi batter is thin and runny, and it burns much more easily than does Bisquick. Still, the pancakes were quite edible (I slathered a Korean strawberry jam on top), so there's that.

My friend Sperwer gave me two rather expensive gifts on the day I met him and his family: an Herbalife meal-replacement shake and an Herbalife whey-protein powder (Sperwer's lovely wife is an Herbalife executive). The shake is cookies-and-cream flavored, so I added that, plus the whey protein, into today's pancake mix. The black dots in the pancakes are little bits of chocolate. This isn't exactly how those magical reagents were meant to be used, but I was out of milk, and the shake powder looked like a viable milk substitute, which it was.

Not quite my ideal American breffus, but it's pretty close.



Sperwer said...


It's supposed to be a replacement for that sort of carb bomb - not a calorie multiplier!

And for God's sake skip processed stuff like the chicken spam; just do chicken.

Kevin Kim said...

Yes, I was naughty—I admit it. I'd love to switch to fresh chicken if I could afford it.