Wednesday, February 19, 2014

what the hell is it?

Things that straddle categories can be annoying because they're hard to classify. Look, for example, at the following picture of a container of Coca Cola:

It's made out of the same thin aluminum as a regular Coke can, but it's shaped like a bottle. So what is it? A bottle? A can? A cottle? A ban?

I'm going to call it a teen, because it can't decide what it wants to be.



Elisson said...

Aluminium bottle: too lengthy.

"Teen": Great coinage. You could spell it "tin" (as in the metal) and pronounce it "teen," killing two birds with one well-aimed stone.

Kevin Kim said...


Or put an apostrophe in front and make it a 'teen, thereby implying that it's some sort of CAN-teen.

John said...

Well, I could never get used to those skinny ass cans anyway. I think I prefer the shape of teens. Which makes me sound like an old pervert I guess.

Charles said...

I would vote for "cottle," were this a democracy.

Sperwer said...

Tell me you are not drinking this crap!

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Reference: Green et al. "Sugar-sweetened beverages and prevalence of the metabolically abnormal phenotype in the Framingham Heart Study." Obesity (2014) Accepted Article.

Kevin Kim said...


Starting in March, I'll be behaving myself. Promise.