Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ave, Joe!

Joe McPherson, whom I finally met in the flesh last year, has been writing about his adventures at the Taste of London event in London, England (start with Day 1 and work your way forward). I envy Joe; it must be nice to traipse about Old Blighty, nibbling this, sucking on that, and licking the rest.

Joe's peregrinations make me think that I need to be more aggressive about seeking out and attending food-oriented events. One of my colleagues here at DCU is an avid moviegoer; every weekend, he's out like a shot, roving the peninsula and chasing down this or that film festival. That's the sort of the person I need to be, given my love of food.

In any case, Joe's travelogue isn't to be missed. There are plenty of drool-inducing photos, along with a lively recounting of the happy goings-on. Go visit ZenKimchi and get hungry.


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