Friday, June 13, 2014

soccer dog

My brother sends me a pic of his dog Penny, all dressed up for the World Cup:

My brother's American, but his wife is Brazilian, so loyalties may be divided at home.

This will likely be the most World-Cuppish post on this blog, as I don't normally follow sports. That said, I wish all teams good luck, and hope that Brazil can enjoy a riot-free event season.



Charles said...

Trust me, loyalties will not be divided. The US has about as much of a chance of making it out of their group (with Germany and Portugal, for crying out loud) as Brazil has of not making it out of their group.

The Maximum Leader said...

Too late on the riot-free event by the way.

Kevin Kim said...


I know there were riots before the World Cup started up, but have there been riots during? I wrote this post before the WC began...

(Heh. "WC.")

The Maximum Leader said...

The police broke up "protests" near on of the venues yesterday while the opening ceremony was ongoing.

At least that is what I recall from the news program last night.