Tuesday, June 24, 2014

party prep

I've got two parties to attend this week, both of which I've organized: first up, tomorrow, is a rooftop party at our apartment building. We've got at least ten residents coming; more may be showing up if they bring along friends. I'm bringing the budae-jjigae, burgers, and dogs (with all the trimmings, of course).

On Friday, I'm getting together with my only class of intermediate students to have a jjong-party (i.e., end-of-term party). For that event, I'm making my quasi-Alfredo (which you've already seen), and possibly some oi-kimchi (cucumber kimchi), because I know how Koreans feel they need to counteract creamy, fatty food with something that, as my friend Charles put it long ago, will "cut through the grease."

All of the shopping that I have to do for both parties is going to wipe me out, financially; I'll be lucky to end the pay period with a single won to my name. But such parties happen only once in a great while, and I'm not normally interested in social gatherings, so I'm willing to contribute to the cause.

Will likely have pics of both parties later, so stay tuned.



Charles said...

Awesome! Dog meat is actually very tasty--I'm sure it will be a hit at your party!

Kevin Kim said...

Yup-- "puttin' on the dog" has a special meaning in a Korean context.