Saturday, June 28, 2014

rien à faire, nichts zu tun, nothing to do

Today is my first day with absolutely nothing to do—no immediate obligations weighing down on me. Grades are done, admin bullshit is done, and aside from the two students who challenged their grades, I've had no other student calls. Very likely, I'll be spending today lounging in bed, quietly reading. The Daegu region is entering its nastily hot and humid phase, so I have little desire to be out and about in such foul weather. I might take a stroll later this evening, when things cool down, just as a way to keep my pedometer average up (for June, I'm hovering at around 6000 steps per day), but that's about it for me and strolling.

In the meantime, I've got some shopping to do, but it's not urgent. I've got an employment application for Dongguk University to fill out, but it's not due until late July, so I have nearly a month to work on it. The hard drive from my dead Macintosh needs a drive caddy and wiring so I can access the precious data, but that's not a pressing obligation.

I've had idle thoughts of writing another book—this time something technical, perhaps about some aspect of English grammar and syntax—so who knows? I might get off my ass and work on that. If it proves to be a small and temporary source of income, all the better.

For today, though, the only thing on the agenda is rest. I'm tired. It was a hard semester, thanks to all those beginners, and I'm glad it's over.


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