Friday, August 01, 2014

17.2K, 124.4 kg

I ended July with a bang, walking 17,231 steps on July 31st. I also weighed myself and clocked in at 124.4 kilograms, which is now the new record for me, even though the difference of 0.1 kg is negligible, especially given how inaccurate my bathroom scale is. Still, this is good news for me, but I'm afraid things can only go downhill from here: I somehow doubt I'll be able to maintain anything like the average I had for July: 10,692 steps per day, which is up—way up—from a June average of 6,197 steps.

My hip began to ache again after walking so far (about 7.8 miles). I suspect that 17,000 steps may represent my upper limit before my bones and tissues start to red-line.


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Charles said...

Congrats on the milestone, dude.

And don't think of it as 0.1 kilograms... think of it as a whole 100 grams!