Monday, August 25, 2014

a toilet-stall plea

I've seen many, many signs in public-toilet stalls enjoining the user to throw his used toilet tissue into the adjacent trash bin instead of into the toilet. What I have never seen, though, is a message that invokes the cleaning lady as a way of guilt-tripping the user into throwing his poop-saturated tissue into the proper receptacle. That changed last Wednesday, when I found myself inside a stall in the building where the Golden Goose is located. Behold:

Very roughly, the message says:

If you feel sorry for the toilet-cleaning lady because the toilet paper often blocks up the toilet, it would be nice if you threw your tissue into the wastebasket.




Charles said...

Are there really still toilets that are connected to such outdated plumbing that they clog up on mere toilet paper--paper that is, mind you, designed to be flushed down toilets?

I suspect that people are either using way too much toilet paper, or there are other things going into the toilets that are clogging them up. It has always blown my mind how people can look at a clogged toilet and think, "Yep, it's got to be the toilet paper. Let's throw our crap-covered paper in a trash can instead and let it sit there, fetid, all day. Yeah, that's the ticket." Seriously, if you toilet can handle turds, it can handle toilet paper.

Kevin Kim said...

I completely agree. And I blogged almost two months ago about a toilet stall at Korea University that invited people to throw tissue into the toilet because toilet tissue melts in the water, so someone in Korea has his head screwed on right.

Charles said...

Ah, I think I missed that post when I was in the States. It's good to know that not everyone is insane on this matter.