Wednesday, August 06, 2014

last walk

I packed up and sent off my bathroom scale, so I can't report my current weight, but for my final nighttime walk in Hayang, I can say that I walked 11,546 steps, and that my current daily step average for August is over 11,000 steps—my highest average thus far. With the upcoming kimbap diet, I ought to start seeing some significant weight loss over the next thirty days.

Still to do tonight and tomorrow:

taekbae the last three boxes to Seoul
•do final load of laundry
•wake up around 6 or 7
•do final cleanup and packing (I have only a suitcase and backpack to take with me)
•wait for the gas and electric people to come by around 9:20AM
•pay final gas bill; get info on how to wire money for final electric bill
•leave studio forever by 10:10AM
•be on the train out of Hayang at 10:30AM
•start life anew

Once I get to Karak-dong, where Third Ajumma lives, I'll need to unpack and clean up the apartment. The following day, I head off to Dongguk University to sign a provisional contract and possibly meet the head of the Dharma College Foreign Language Center, my new department. I'm not sure whether this is going to happen, but I'm hoping to visit the Golden Goose's local office, not far from where I live, on Friday the 8th. If I can wangle a part-time gig with the Golden Goose, I'll be set in terms of income, and apartment-hunting will be that much easier. Then, on the 11th, I meet my brother Sean and his buddy Jeff at Incheon Airport; they'll be visiting Korea until they leave for China on the 16th—and heading to Vietnam and Cambodia thereafter.

After that, I've got a departmental workshop to attend in the final week of August, then the semester will begin in earnest come September. By the end of September, I aim to be settled into a new place, and I'll be developing some new—hopefully healthy—routines.


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