Wednesday, August 06, 2014

off to Seoul!

This is a scheduled post. It's about 10:40AM, and I ought to be on the local train, about halfway to East Daegu Station, where I'll heave my bags over to the KTX bullet train and complete the jaunt up to Seoul. From there, the plan is to grab a cab for an expensive ride way across town, south and east, to Karak-dong, which lies a bit on the periphery of Where It All Happens. I ought to be in my apartment by about 2:30PM today; it'll take a few hours to clean up all the dust and grit in the new, temporary place, but it'll be worth it. I'm going to have to discuss whether I can siphon off Wi-Fi bandwidth from my cousin's computer, which will be one floor below me. Some people are touchy about their bandwidth, but this branch of my family seems to be more about sharing than about hoarding.

Not sure when I'll post again. If I do get Wi-Fi access, I'll be posting by this evening. Otherwise, I might have to find a local cafe to sit in and pound away at the keyboard.

Feeling happy. Feeling excited about the future, despite all the heat, humidity, and physical misery (Dongguk is a very hilly campus) in store for me.

Oh, yeah: I got my teaching schedule the other day. I teach 15 hours a week this semester, but three of those hours will be easy: English "cafe" sort of stuff. No planning needed. It may also be that one or more of my currently scheduled classes will be canceled because of lack of enrollment. Not a problem, say I: I'm on salary.



Rhesus said...

Great good fortune!

John said...

Welcome back to Seoul!