Friday, August 15, 2014

a new low

I'm now down to 123 kilograms, which is about 271 pounds. While I still have man-boobs and lady-butt, I'm happy to find myself nearing the 260s in poundage. At my "peak" while teaching at Sookmyung, I was down to 255 pounds (115.6 kg); that no longer seems so out of reach. And now that I know the path up Namsan from my campus, there's no reason for me not to take that path every day, and eventually get back to the point where I can do the entire mountain without stopping even once. Can't say that I've adhered faithfully to the "one roll of kimbap a day" rule, but I've definitely been eating less while continuing to walk the same amount. Progress, then—slow but steady.

And now: I'm off to Jongno to meet Sean and Jeff. Much strolling to do. And probably much eating as well. Have a good Liberation Day if you're in Korea, and have a mindful Feast of the Assumption if you're Catholic.


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