Saturday, August 30, 2014

frank talk

Good gentles, I may need to be more cautious as to what I write on this
ol' blog regarding my new job, so for the most prudential of reasons,
blogging on that topic, especially if it involves frank talk, will now
always be found, uh, elsewhere on the blog. You might have to
check around a bit in order to find it, but it'll be there, and you'll
know when you stumble upon it. It's not that I have no desire to keep
farting my fetid prose in public; it's just that I don't want the wrong
individuals to be poking and prodding, mining evidence to get my ass
fired. Hence the removal of certain posts from their original spots on
the timeline (to borrow a Twitter term). My new place of work has an
exceedingly strange fixation on teacher performance evaluations, so that
even the appearance of disloyalty will result in the docking of much-
needed ratings points.

You may be wondering where I'll be posting my frankest thoughts, then;
even the least interested among you may be at least a little curious.
And I don't blame you. But as you must realize, I can't spell out the
real location of these posts—not without alerting the wrong parties.
So I'm relying on you, Dear Reader, to use your brains to figure this
itchy little puzzle out. It shouldn't be too hard; I trust that my
not-so-numerous readers are generally people of intelligence and wit;
muddling through this problem shouldn't be overly difficult.
Yet this makes me nervous because if the manner in which I've hidden
a hint as to where the "frank talk" posts are located is too obvious,
repercussions—sinister repercussions—will follow. So I hope the
caballeros who might be most interested in digging up dirt will
have too many other things to do to concentrate on snooping around
in places where they shouldn't be. Besides, what I say about this
very interesting new job is written in a spirit of compassionate critique—
even the truly harsh stuff. And I'll never target specific people
so much as I'll be critiquing systems. So there we are.


  1. kevin, i dont know why you dont simply hide those posts for now. when you change jobs again in the future, unhide them. theres no reason not so, in my opinion.

  2. Hahna,

    Couldn't find a "hide" option for specific posts.

  3. i guess i meant to do the crude thing and simply cut out the entire post and email it to yourself and leave the page blank as a place holder for your blog. at a later date, cut and paste it back into your blog. very crude, but if there isnt a way to simply unpublish / leave as a draft, that is what i would do. i would certainly NOT leave the pages up available for anyone to view. even if it isnt easily found, if its still out there, id remove the text completely. DONT risk your job!

  4. I'm noticing that readers are having a hard time figuring out my clue, so I doubt a casual snooper from work will figure out the hint, either.



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