Wednesday, August 27, 2014

my yearly trip into the maw

Every year, I descend into the labyrinthine depths of Korean bureaucracy as I visit the Immigration Office to get my visa renewed. Tomorrow morning, I rise early and make the trip over to the local branch of the South Korean government to register my presence, pay proper homage, and make all the appropriate ritual sacrifices (expect all the usual elephant parades, incense, and incantations). If all my documents are in order, the process ought to be as quick and painless as being swiftly beheaded by a samurai. If, however, my documents are found not to be in order, then all the elephants and incense in the world will not be enough to help me.

It's always best to hit Immigration early. I'm waking up at 6:30AM.


1 comment:

The Maximum Leader said...

Good luck. Break a leg and all that.

I hope no legs have to be broken actually.