Thursday, October 02, 2014

adding tonnage to the mountain

The photo below shows a series of stone blocks that now line the side of the walking/biking path along the ascending bus route that snakes its way up Namsan. I have no idea why road crews are spending hundreds of man-hours laying this crap down, or why some stupid city official felt that adding a damn curb to the path was even necessary. All I know is that this is an enormous waste of time, effort, and taxpayer money. A two-mile-long curb that adds nothing to safety? Christ on a fucking crutch. I wonder how many tons of rock all these blocks represent. This is, as we say in the education business, make-work: effort that's purely for show, purely to occupy one's time, and not geared toward accomplishing any sort of constructive, meaningful purpose. Bullshit, basically.

And it's de-beautifying my mountain, dammit.



Surprises Aplenty said...

I guess I'm just being argumentative but I wonder if there is a use for the curb. My first thought is flood or erosion control. I don't know how wide the path is but the path would collect the rain that lands on it and comes down the slope to it. With the curb, the water might be carried to a drain rather than wash away the dirt on the lower side.

Kevin Kim said...

Fair point. But one wonders how the mountain has been able to last this long without this sort of erosion control. There hasn't been a problem for years, now suddenly... this.