Thursday, October 23, 2014


Today, I have two classes, and both classes have midterms to look forward to. We've spent a class period reviewing for the test—an activity that some of my colleagues don't even bother engaging in—so I hope my students are ready and their brains are loaded for bear. If all goes well, the kids will do fine on the exam. This semester, unlike the situation at my previous job, I don't have any students I could honestly label "stupid." Some of the kids at my previous place of work were so dumb that they wouldn't know where to scratch if their asses were covered in pox. So I'm hoping there won't be any "F"s this time around. We'll see.

This weekend will be a paroxysm of grading. Friday is out, as I'll be meeting two former students from my Sookmyung days. That leaves Saturday and Sunday, although there's a small chance that I'll try to grade a batch of papers between classes on Friday. Another former Sookmyung student recently tracked me down, and she also wants to be meet. I told her that this Sunday would be impossible, given the midterm situation, so we're planning to meet on Sunday, November 9. She'll be bringing along two other former students of mine. I'm not sure I can withstand this wave of giggly-wiggly estrogen, but somehow I'll manage.


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