Saturday, October 11, 2014

sweet gig... but not for me

John from Daejeon writes me privately to alert me to a job opening that's coming in the spring of 2015: a position at Inha University that offers 3.3 million won a month gross, 9 hours a week of teaching, and four months' vacation—all on a two-year, renewable contract. I don't think Inha is offering housing, but the better pay would make up for that. All in all, this is a much better package deal than what I have at Dongguk, but as I wrote back to John, I'm already committed to my current contract, so I'm not about to jump midstream, and there's the fact that, no matter how sweet a deal you think you land, there's always going to be a better deal out there somewhere. So there's little use wasting energy in regretting the moves I've made. I've got a plan; I'm sticking to it; things will have improved by next year. Better to soldier onward than to jump from side to side.


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