Sunday, October 05, 2014


Today, I'm starting out a bit late (around 4:30PM), but I'll be walking a long path that connects the dots between and among Dongguk University, Namsan's Seoul Tower, Sookmyung Women's University, Samgakji Station, the Korean War Memorial, the Yongsan Eighth Army base, and Itaewon. If it's around dinnertime by the time I hit Itaewon, I'll grudgingly eat there. If not, I might wait until I get back to my own neighborhood.

This isn't the most direct route to get to Itaewon from Dongguk. My route takes me literally over the mountain and down the other side on a line that goes roughly from the mountain's northeast flank (Dongguk) to its southwest flank (Sookmyung). A shorter, more direct route to Itaewon would probably involve circling southward along the mountain's eastern side, as Itaewon is SSE of Seoul Tower.

In any case, today's walk promises to be a long one, and since I've done two short walks in a row over the past few days, I need to make up for my dwindling October average. I estimate today's walk at around 30K steps. Since we've had a streak of fantastic weather lately, I anticipate that the walk will a very pleasant one.

Expect an update later tonight. I'll be truly curious as to what my final step count is.


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