Friday, October 31, 2014

back up to 14K

As of Thursday night/Friday early morning, I'm back up to 14K steps as my daily average for October. I walked 23.5K steps on Thursday before midnight, then another 4,472 steps after midnight to get home, for a total of 28,007 steps. If I can do 20K steps' worth of walking on Friday, I'll have reached my reduced goal of making 14K steps in October.

On Saturday, I'll be walking up Namsan with a good buddy of mine: my Korean friend JW, who's been living in India for nearly five years, working at a POSCO branch out in the city of Pune. It's been a few years since I last saw JW; at the time, he and his wife had one son. Since then, they've been blessed with a daughter, and the kids are growing up speaking Indian-accented English plus Korean. JW is here in Seoul for just a few days, having brought along some Indian colleagues. He's taking a break from his frenetic schedule to spend time with me and possibly also with our mutual friend Tom, my other good buddy, this weekend. JW says he wants a challenge, so I'm going to take him on a double-summit route up Namsan. That ought to be plenty for him.


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