Friday, October 24, 2014

just a double, I guess

I got so caught up in grading the midterms for my advanced-level listening/discussion class that I failed to hit the trail tonight. That's going to yank my walking average back down to the 13K range, but after this weekend—or perhaps beginning this Sunday, if I can grade enough batches on Saturday—I'll start making the numbers up again. This late in the month, I don't think it's realistic to vie for a 15K average; the best I can hope for is a 14-point-something.

Alas, this means no three-in-a-row of double-summiting this week: I'll just have to settle for having done a double double-summit, Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday, I'm seeing my ladies, so I doubt I'll do much more than break 10K steps. Saturday, I'll be in the office all day, grading my heart out. Little hope for major walkage that day. Sunday is likely to be more of the same, assuming I don't finish grading on Saturday. If I do manage to finish early on Sunday, though, I'll try to do a megawalk. My buddy Tom, to whom I'd moaned and groaned about walking into Itaewon, suggested I try walking down to the river and following the riverbank trail on the river's north side. That actually sounded like a brilliant idea, so my next megawalk might involve a hike down to the old Han-gang, the Han River. Much better than having Itaewon as my halfway point.


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