Thursday, October 30, 2014

milestones: 29.6K, 117.5 kg

Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, I walked from 9:30PM to midnight and then kept right on walking for almost another 10,000 steps. Didn't get home until close to 1:30AM. My route took me up Namsan twice for a double-summiting; by the time I was back in my neighborhood I had registered about 20.5K. I then walked along Euljiro to the downtown Lotte Hotel, at which point I turned toward Jongno, walked along the main drag for a bit, then hopped over to the Cheonggyae Stream and went back to my neighborhood via the markets: Bangsan Market and Joongbu Market. (It turns out that the mother of one of my advanced students works at Joongbu Market, where she sells dried fish. I'll need to track her down and buy myself a huge bag of juipo. God, I love that stuff.)

My other awesome news is that I weighed myself Wednesday morning and was delighted to see that I had whittled myself down to 117.5 kilograms—I had finally broken through the 119-kilo barrier, crashed through 118 and landed, somehow, in the 117 zone. This is a milestone for me, because in terms of pounds, it means I'm finally below 260. Next goal: 250. If I can get past 255, I'll be under my Sookmyung weight. I still have man-tits, a spare tire, a gut, a double chin, a fat ass, and blubbery triceps, but there's definitely less of me to love, which is a good thing. I won't stay at 117 kg, I know: I'll likely bounce back up to 119 or so over the next few days because my weight is constantly fluctuating as I eat and poop. But 117 is my new low, and it'll be easier to reach 117 the next time I walk... and the next time, and the time after that... until I get down to 116. Every few weeks, a new low. That's the agenda.


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