Wednesday, August 26, 2015

boxing day

Moving day approacheth. Before it rains again later today, I need to go out and collect (ahem—steal) some boxes from the box-dump area across the street. I'll then pack everything up, mark the outsides of the boxes with my trusted Sharpie, take an inventory, and call the movers either this afternoon or sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm waiting on word from the Golden Goose re: my apartment number. Word has to come by tomorrow... or at the latest, by Friday morning so that the movers know where to take my stuff. Failing Friday, the latest I can move out is Saturday.

One way or another, it's bye-bye, Goyang City! The last six months have been real.



Charles said...

The last six months have been real what? That is the question.

Kevin Kim said...

Given today's lovely, pleasant, vaguely pre-fall weather, I'm in a mood to say the last six months have been awesome.