Sunday, August 16, 2015


Go ahead. Caption this.

My attempts:

1. "Oh, hi! Yeah, sorry about this, but you walked away without saying whether you were planning to vote for me."

2. "So! What's for dinner?"

3. "SURPRISE, Bill! You keep talking about how boring things are in the bedroom, but you should know that this old white girl still has some tricks up her sleeve!"

4. "Boo! And I just wanted to congratulate you on some truly enormous hemorrhoi—wait—where are you going?"

5. "God, this cold water is a relief after being in your ass for five hours!"

6. "Happy Biiirrrrrrthday to you..."

7. "Uhuuuuuu—did somebody say pizza?"

8. "Yyyerp! That was me gnawin' on yer ball sac! Tee hee!"

9. "Oh, Arthur! Did you catch the sword I threw at you? Arthur? ARTHUR??"

10. "I—have—never—felt—more—alive!"



Surprises Aplenty said...

This supposed bathroom is unrealistically clean; kinda like my email trail on non-governmental servers.

Damn you, Monica! You haven't won! I'll be back...

What? After my husband's actions, cleaning the toilet like this doesn't feel dirty at all.

Nope. Even after this, Republican talking points still feel dirty.

John (I'm not a robot) said...

Come on in, America. The water's fine.

Hillary's foreign policy accomplishments illustrated.

I know I left those emails in here somewhere...