Monday, August 24, 2015

gate, gate, paragate

If my Golden Goose boss is to be believed, I'll be moving out of my current place this coming Friday or Saturday. (I have to be out by Sunday, August 30.) I was too tired to go box-scavenging last night, so I'll grab a mess of boxes tonight (or tomorrow) and start packing.

This might be a bit awkward because I recently ordered a regular-style mattress for my bed, and there's been no word on delivery, which I can normally track via a delivery-tracking app. I'm hoping to get the mattress before Thursday, but if it arrives on or after Friday, I won't be here to pick the damn thing up. That's vexing. Everything comes down to timing.

In any event, I'll be as packed as I can be by Friday morning, and if my boss has spoken truly, I'll be on my way down to my new residence in Daecheong Tower.


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